June 7, 2018
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Polyester Staple Fiber



Fineness 7d
fiber length 32/51/64mm
grade Recycled
pattern Siliconized
Feature Premium quality fiberfill
Superior resiliency and smooth consistency
style hollow conjugated
fiber type staple
color white
capacity 1500ton/month
material 100% Polyester
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
usage Filling Material(filling of toy,cushion,pillow,bedding,sofa,mattress and so on)
Non-Woven Fabric
Packing PP Woven Bag

Linyi Bangfeiteer Ltd. for long has been manufacturing and producing different kinds of polyester staple fiber for its customers and clients all over the world. This particular fiber is a type of material acquired from compounds that they are chemically synthetic with an expansive range of uses in the textile, furniture, and even automotive industries.

The word staple fiber generally related to any particular kind of fiber produced naturally like wool or cotton, which can be easily perverted. Linyi Bangfeiteer Ltd. has a rich history of making quality polyester staple fiber of different kinds for its customers all over the world.

If we talk about its uses in the industry, this particular piece of fiber is highly adaptable, and being used in an array of applications. Some of them are as follows:

Furniture – Polyester filling fibers play an active role in facilitating key performance attributes of comfort, durability, and presentation.

Bedding – Next generation, thermal bonded high loft nonwovens provide a new level of comfort in the construction of the mattress. Linyi Bangfeiteer Ltd. offers high-quality fibers which provide a maximum level of comfort matched with pliability. For different kinds of comforters, quilts, sleeping bags, and even pillows, we provide a vast range of fibers that provide an appropriate level of warmth and comfort.

Non-Wovens – We provide fibers for thermal bonding, needlepunching, spunlace fabrics, and even wetlaid.

Spinning – We provide our customers with an expansive range of fine denier polyesters appropriate for all the types of spinning applications to the customers all over the world.

At Linyi Bangfeiteer Ltd. we understand the fact that our polyester staple fiber is directly produced from MEG or PTA chips or even produced from recycled bottle flakes. Our fibers are made using the MEG and PTA or from the chips normally known as the recycled PET flakes.

Providing an effective quality with an unmatched price especially for our distinguished clients from around the world, our fibers are normally used in the process of weaving polyester staple fibernon-woven and spinning.

Our polyester staple fiber is normally used for filling up the fibers in sofa and cushions. It is also generally used to make a spun yard which is then weaved or knitted into the fabrics. Our fibers are typically segregated in different fibers like hollow staple fibers and solid fibers.

The hollow-based fibers may have different types of properties like the siliconized, conjugated, dry and slick fibers. These particular properties are in general represented as hollow conjugated siliconized, or hollow conjugated non-siliconized or even slick fibers containing a smoother finish.

If you are planning to purchase our polyester staple fibers, feel free to contact us anytime.


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